London bus explodes on bridge - for a new Jackie Chan movieThe bus explosion alarmed many Londoners but was all in the name of movie-making. Photo: Supplied

London bus explodes on bridge - for a new Jackie Chan movie

A bus has exploded in central London – but it was only for a movie.

City officials on Sunday reassured the public that the explosion was a movie stunt for The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

— Press Association (@PA) February 7, 2016

The sight of the bus in flames and the twisted wreckage afterward caused consternation on Twitter from London residents who said the public had not been adequately warned about the stunt. Some complained that children had been frightened by the blast. It reminded some of the 2005 attack on London’s transport system that killed 52 civilians. That attack included the explosion of a bus in central London.

I really think the bus explosion for Jackie Chans new movie was really insensitive. No warning. Minor chaos. Too much like 7/7 — Kate Gleeson (@KateGleeson1) February 7, 2016

— Gareth Platt (@GazPlatt49) February 7, 2016

The Port of London Authority said Lambeth Bridge had been closed to the public prior to the stunt.


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