April Fool's Day 2016: Brands lead the way with best pranks of the dayTasty idea: The Mr Burger Tram will be serving burgers, sides and drinks from a kitchen specially fitted in the rear of the tram. Photo: Mr Burger, Facebook

April Fool's Day 2016: Brands lead the way with best pranks of the day

The most popular April Fool’s Day pranks for 2016 prove that in the commercial world, it’s not always serious business.

The property, retail, hospitality and travel sectors led the way with memorable campaigns based on quirky concepts that are less about trickery and more about creativity.

Here is a selection of the best gags so far. Know of any more? Please email us.

Emoji restaurant

Melbourne now has the world’s first emoji-based restaurant, because of course it does.

New Melbourne pop-up eatery Textaurant boasts a menu that purely features dishes inspired by the emoji keyboard, according to Beat.

Hotel ‘cold calls’

— Travelodge Hotels (@travelodgehotel) March 31, 2016

Travelodge pours cold water on the need for technology to perform this essential service for guests, with extra points for embedding a joke in a joke. 

Downloadable wine

Finally, a reason for the internet, says the national liquor retail giant. Just swipe to find something to suit any occasion.

Reunite sock orphans

— Google Australia NZ (@googledownunder) March 31, 2016

Google announces plans to team up with retailers across Australia to launch a new range of bluetooth-enabled Searchable Socks “to organise the world’s undergarments and make them universally findable”. 

Hover trolleys

Introducing Coles NEW hover trolleys! Gliding into a store near you soon…#hovertrolley pic.twitter.com/eX3NabBcoI — Coles Supermarkets (@Coles) March 31, 2016

No more wonky wheels. Supermarket gets down, down with Back to the Future inspiration.

Pooch Palace

Ray White reckoned they would have been barking mad not to jump into the pet residential industry.

Burger trams

At last! We can finally reveal that this Saturday we will welcome a new addition to the Mr Burger fleet – the Mr Burger…

This is one idea every Melburnite wishes were true.

Eau de doughnut

The essence of a six-pack, in a bottle. Our signature fragrance ‘Eau De Doughnut Time’ is available for a VERY limited time (today only, in fact).

The gourmet doughnut store is enjoying such sweet success that they figured it was worth bottling.

Kids’ class takes off

Introducing Virgin Australia Kids Class – the world’s first kids-only aircraft cabin.

Posted by Virgin Australia on Thursday, 31 March 2016

Virgin Australia introduces the perfect solution to look after its junior flyers – no grown-ups allowed.

Submarine cruises

Since our beginning, Carnival has been a pioneer in high seas travel. We are therefore proud to announce the newest…

Carnival Cruise Line Australia has already owned up to the joke but reckons they’re not ruling out a Carnival submarine in the future.

Wi-fi toilet brush

Following the success of our wireless charging furniture, we’re thrilled to announce our next product innovation,…

Because the ever-clever IKEA knows exactly what you’re up to in the toilet.

— Gelato Messina (@GelatoMessina) March 31, 2016

Popular gelato store Messina has some fun with the controversy over Sydney’s lock-out laws, announcing its Darlinghurst and Surry Hills stores are no longer able to trade past 7pm. 

3D doughnut printer

Introducing the 3Doughnut Printer by Krispy Kreme!Now you can 3D print your own little moments of joy thanks to the new…

Krispy Kreme comes up with what is probably the best idea for a 3-D printer yet. Although we’d hope it didn’t get … jammed.

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