67-75 Templar Rd Erskine Park, NSW 2759

Modern Freestanding Warehouse

Building Amenities

  • Parking
  • High Clearance Warehousing

67-75 Templar Rd Highlights

  • Protected via a sprinkler system
  • Access via two on grade doors
  • Seven docks suitable for semi trailers and eight (8) docks suitable for smaller rigid vehicles

Modern Freestanding Warehouse

Erskine Park is a 27.8 hectare estate situated on the corner of Lockwood and Templar Road, Erskine Park.

Outside view

It is located approximately 26 kilometres west of the Parramatta CBD and 46 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD with good access to the major M4 and M7 motorways junctions.

High Clearance Warehousing

67-75 Templar Rd