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1/101 Oldaker Street Devonport TAS 7310

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Hudson 365 is a real estate agency specialising in commercial property, offering rural properties for sale. And so it begins.....   Real Estate Has Evolved Has Real Estate changed? You bet it has. Not only does it change year on year but it's becoming much more obvious that buyers are coming from very different places than they did before. Online is king, Social Media plays a big part but what remains the key to this game? We think it's people. In this day and age especially, people need to feel good about the transaction, not like just a number. With so much emphasis on speed and technology, we seem to have lost the moments that matter. It's time we got them back. So let's not just sell houses and move on to the next one, let's make it memorable.    What's with the name 'Hudson365'? When we originally started throwing names around, Simone and I talked about making sure it had meaning. There was 'Real Estate' this and 'Property Co' that but it wasn't until the amazing folk at S. Group (You guys rock!) turned that same-same approach completely on it's head and asked me what was important. We wanted the Agency to be authentic, to be genuine... to be real. So with that in mind, we asked ourselves why we were doing this. The simple answer is for family. It's to create a legacy and show our son that you can build something that you can be proud of each and every day, 365 days a year. His name is Hudson...   Our Purpose Our intent is clear, to not only be great at selling houses, but to live each day with purpose. To be positive in our approach and give back to the community so we can all thrive. There's more than enough work for Every Real Estate Agent on the NW Coast and we know we aren't going to be the Agency for everyone, nor should we be. We are creating a new choice for those looking to sell, and who knows... maybe it's a different approach that the market needs.    Thank You We won't be a success on our own. More than ever we will be thankful for those around us that show their support and help us build from Day 1. So, to you out there that will back us in, trust us and carry us on your shoulders while we try to change the Real Estate game - we say Thank You. You're awesome.    Yours with Purpose, James Leslie
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Map for 1/101 Oldaker Street Devonport TAS 73101/101 Oldaker Street Devonport TAS 7310
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