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EWRE, Servicing Victoria and Queensland Australia

Po Box 1017 Templestowe VIC 3106

About EWRE, Servicing Victoria and Queensland Australia

EWRE, Servicing Victoria and Queensland Australia is a real estate agency specialising in commercial property, offering properties.
What’s in a name? Elite is the word that guides the culture at Elite Women Real
Estate (EWRE). The essential capabilities required to become a good real estate
agent are strong active network connections, professional competency, firm
negotiation services and familiarity with the economic variables that affect suburbs.
The name EWRE means superior skills and culture.
EWRE embraces the superior values of equity and fairness and those tenets are
reflected in every transaction. Nurturing skills requires a work culture that is safe to
drive efficiency and effectiveness. When people are free to focus on work and are
not distracted with negativity productivity increases. Extensively reported toxic
workplaces illustrates clearly the cost to business and as we celebrate International
Women’s Day, EWRE reflects that safe work culture . As ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ the need for
change is here.
Real estate was originally male dominated and practioners did not fully address the
needs of women other than the stereotypical functional aspects of the property.
Today, women are independent decision makers and investors with interests that far
exceed traditional roles. As women entered the profession the fundamentals were
retained however women added diversity and representation.
EWRE agents are the property relationship builders because women champion
relationships. The resources within a location, the growth of the area, the
development potential, migratory behaviours and the myriad of other associations
are what EWRE capitalises on for buyers and sellers. Utilising local knowledge, macro
fundamentals and an e-commerce platform makes EWRE a cost-effective disrupter.
The distinctive skill set that EWRE agents offer, is derived from the inherent
understanding of 52% of the population -women - clearly a point of difference. EWRE
aims to service all real estate consumers and recognises the property relationship
building elements that are needed. From home ownership to income
supplementation and retirement planning the future of the real estate industry
requires outstanding service and knowledge and that is what is in the name EWRE.
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Map for Po Box 1017 Templestowe VIC 3106
Map for Po Box 1017 Templestowe VIC 3106Po Box 1017 Templestowe VIC 3106
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