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Quilpie post office, which delivers mail to almost 20 per cent of Queensland, is up for sale

October 12, 2017

The Quilpie post office, which delivers mail to almost 20 per cent of Queensland, is on the market. Photo: Supplied

Before the advent of the internet, rural and remote residents had to drive hundreds of kilometres if they wanted to buy an Akubra or a new pair of Blundstones.

These days, they jump online and order as many hats or boots as they like and know that their parcel will be delivered to the local post office.

One of the post offices that sees its fair share of these deliveries is in the tiny western Queensland town of Quilpie, 950 kilometres from Brisbane and with a delivery area that covers almost 20 per cent of the state.

Twice a week the Quilpie postie sets out on a mail run that covers 431 kilometres and 11 stops.

More than 30 tonnes of mail alone is delivered to Birdsville every year, which is a figure that’s likely to grow courtesy of internet shopping.

The post office's gifts hop Photo: Supplied The post office’s gift shop Photo: Supplied

”Birdsville has nowhere to shop. They’ve got to drive to Quilpie or maybe up to Winton or Mount Isa to shop,” GDL Real Estate Dalby agent Danielle Dunlop said.

”A lot of people buy on the internet because you’re too far away to go shopping for the day.”

Now the Quilpie post office and this business, which includes a gift shop and separate contract to supply workwear to the local council is up for sale.

Ms Dunlop said there was an opportunity to expand the giftware line in the post office as well as to rent out part of the premises as an office for a local business.

Plus, whoever bought the post office – which is a renovated 1930s building and sits on 797 square metres of land – would quickly become well-known in town.

”Being a small town, each shop sells a bit of everything to try to cover everything that the town needs, so there are plenty of options to expand there,” she said.

The building was recently renovated and sits on a 730-square-metre blocm. Photo: Supplied The building was recently renovated and sits on almost 800 square metres of land. Photo: Supplied

”You only have one post office in a town, so you’re unique in that way. You have no competition on that side of it and you’re the last one for 200 kilometres.

Ms Dunlop said the business would be ideal for a husband and wife team or a couple with young children as it was only open during business hours every week.

There wouldn’t be a need for additional staff either, she said. ”It’s a really strong business in the town. You’ve got a lot of freedom, you only have to work 9am to 5pm five days a week, and then go home and forget about it,” she said.

”You’ll probably meet the whole town in the first week and there are plenty of growth opportunities as well.”

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