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Choose the best office location for your business

November 26, 2015

What tips and tricks can you use to ensure your business gets the best location possible?

With so many options and decisions to make, finding a new office space can be a daunting task, such as where it will be located.

However, breaking your search down into a few key areas can make the process easier and help you get the office space you need.


One of the most important aspects of your new office space is your budget. Does your budget extend to pricier city locations? Or do outer city areas fit better with your price range?

When you set a budget for your office space, ensure you’re realistic but flexible with what you can afford, but avoid the temptation to spend more than your limit.


Another key factor in your search will be what office size you need. If you require a large space over several floors, your options may be restricted to larger commercial areas. However, if you just need a small office, you will have much more flexibility on where you can lease space.

When you’re determining the size of your new office, remember to accommodate for future business growth, but be careful you don’t lease too much space and waste money.

What type of company do you have?

Your company’s business type can have an influence on your location. For example, more creative businesses could work better in suburbs filled with cafes and trendy restaurants where there’s more of a community feel. On the other hand, financial-based businesses could be better located where the action is – close to or in the city.

Ensure you look at where your customers and clients are located to help narrow down location options. Once you have a few suburbs in mind, assess the demographics of the areas and examine their amenities, such as public transport.

Use online resources

After you have culled your list to four or five suburbs, use Commercial Real Estate’s search feature to see what office spaces are available in those suburbs. You can refine your search options by choosing the type of space you’re looking for, the size and, importantly, the price.

You can also use the Commercial Real Estate website to find an agent or look at leased office spaces. This will give you an idea of what types of spaces you could find in the areas you’re interested in, searching by similar price, size and office type.

Leasing an office is not an easy task, but following a few simple steps and taking advantage of online resources will help you lease your new office space sooner.

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