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Super Easy Storage are a Franchise that started in 2011. They currently operate in 14 locations across Australia.

Super Easy Storage
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07 Nov 2017

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Self storage, mobile storage and transport.

Whatever it is you are looking to store, we’ve got the perfect storage solution for your needs. We are a mobile self storage company that’s Super Fast, Super Portable and Super Affordable, it’s the new way to store your things, you no longer need to drive to a storage facility and rent an expensive storage unit. So what makes us so different?
Well, we are the only mobile storage company that can complete the process from start to finish. From our storage specialists that help assess exactly the right amount of space you need, bringing the storage unit to your house or business, to our in-house team who are experts at packing and stacking your module in order to maximise every square inch.

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How it works

We come to you, we load you up, and then we store everything away, a one-stop solution! Our Storage units are super large (bigger then most) and can fit the equivalent of 2 – 3 rooms or a one bedroom apartment if including your white goods.

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Why us?

Super Easy Storage, (SES) is the largest mobile storage provider in Australia, based on market share. The company is 100% Australian owned, operating since 2008.
The SES brand is loved for revolutionizing the self-storage market. SES took what was traditionally a very time consuming, expensive and stressful process and made it easy. Portable storage modules are delivered to the home or office, where customers can load at their convenience or have our specially trained team load the storage module for them.
SES eliminates the need to handle each item of storage twice, (1st load up, then unload at the facility) saving loads of time and money. Those savings are then passed onto our happy customers!
Today SES has franchises in all major cities across Australia with the view to continue regional roll out and international expansion in the next 12 months. Get ready to be part of something big.