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      Red Rooster are a Food, Beverage & Hospitality Franchise that started in 1972. They currently operate in 350 locations and have 5 new opportunities available across Australia.

      Red Rooster
      Minimum investment$350,000
      Established locations350
      Opportunities in Hobart and 4 other locations

      Date created

      23 Jun 2017

      Date franchise started


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      Red Rooster website

      With one of Australia's most recognised brand identities and a well-established franchise support network, Red Rooster offers exciting business opportunities for the right candidates.

      Be in business for yourself…but not by yourself.
      If you are a committed go-getter with bags of energy and a flair for business, you could join the numerous Red Rooster Franchisees who have already built their own business through our network.

      Australia's Favourite Chicken
      Red Rooster is an Australian icon, born in 1972 and still growing today. When you are granted a Red Rooster franchise, you're not just buying a restaurant; you are buying a powerful brand, built over 30 years. It's a brand that Australia trusts, day in day out.

      Many other brands and product categories have come and gone. Red Rooster continues to grow incrementally, year in year out.

      About Us
      With over 350 stores nationwide, serving over 15 million chickens a year, we are one of Australia's most popular fast-food outlets. You'll find us in cities and suburbs, on freeways and in food-halls. Red Rooster is a true Australian icon brand. It continues to evolve, as our nation's tastes and preferences change.

      Our wide customer base gives Red Rooster an ideal business platform on which to grow.. We serve drive through, dine-in and take-out meals for office workers, building contractors, students, retirees, families…pretty much anyone with a taste for our roast chicken.

      Red Rooster video

      How it works

      Register for an Enquiry Pack
      Initial discussion with a Red Rooster representative.
      Receive and review your Enquiry Pack including DVD, Application Form and Pre-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement.
      Submit your completed Application Form, refundable security deposit and Pre-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement.
      Attend your first application meeting. You'll be issued with a Red Rooster Disclosure Pack including a draft Franchise Agreement.
      Should both parties wish to proceed, at your second meeting you'll discuss site selection and negotiation.
      Seek independent advice. It is a requirement that you receive independent, legal, financial and business advice at this stage.
      Your application will be submitted to the Red Rooster Board of Directors for approval.
      A 'Letter of Offer to Franchise' will be issued to you if your application is approved.
      Following payment of franchise and training fees, you'll enter a training agreement and a pre-franchise agreement.
      Construction of your store will commence - unless you are buying an existing site.
      Further payments will be made in accordance with your construction schedule.
      After successfully completing your training, you'll enter a Franchise Agreement.
      Congratulations! You'll have just joined one of Australia's most successful quick service restaurant families.
      Open the doors and start selling!

      Red Rooster photo
      Red Rooster photo

      Why us?

      Although our whole and portioned chickens are the icons of our brand, we put a lot of energy into developing innovative new products to meet the demand of an increasingly adventurous public.

      In addition to our famous oven roasted chickens, we serve strip subs, wraps, burgers and of course, our famous chips. We also offer a range of popular drink products from partners like Coca Cola and Berri. One of the strengths of Red Rooster is our Little Red Rooster Meal. Our strong relationships with cutting edge children's entertainment brands such as Dreamworks, SKG, Warner Brothers and Hasbro enable us to offer exciting promotions regularly and sell thousands of meals every week.

      Another feature of Red Rooster is constant product innovation, designed to enhance the core menu offering, attract new customers and evolve our product range.

      We're right behind you
      You've seen the branded restaurants, watched the TV commercials and listened to the radio promotions. We believe in consistency and invest constantly in advertising and marketing. Not only will you benefit from the excitement created by our advertising campaigns, you'll be supplied with everything you need to create the complete Red Rooster brand experience in your own restaurant. Like our chicken, it's a very successful recipe.

      Red Rooster photo
      Red Rooster photo
      Red Rooster photo