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Transport, Distribution & Storage
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PACK & SEND are a Transport, Distribution & Storage Franchise that started in 1994. They currently operate in 114 locations and have 28 new opportunities available across Australia.

28 Opportunities
PACK & SEND photo
PACK & SEND photo
PACK & SEND photo
Minimum investment
Established locations
Opportunities in Ipswich and 27 other locations

Date created

01 Aug 2018

Date franchise started


Average revenue

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PACK & SEND website

    PACK & SEND is Australia's leading and most recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. Having been established for more than 28 years, we consolidate the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point under our brand.

    At PACK & SEND we take pride in being first choice in connecting people with parcels when they want, where they want it. As a PACK & SEND franchisee you are fully equipped with the systems, resources, network, technology, expertise and buying power to exploit the explosive growth in the movement of goods.

    We’re right in the middle of an industry exploding in growth. The largest driving force in the global economy is eCommerce which is generating over $1 trillion per annum. That’s translating into more and more goods being shipped than ever before – making the delivery of parcels and freight one of the top growth industries of the next decade.

    Our mission is to develop the most comprehensive, convenient suite of retail and technology solutions the logistics industry has ever seen. That means as a franchisee, you will own a business with innovative and forward-thinking products, with the opportunity to build revenue through multiple revenue streams. There is simply no other franchise logistics business model like PACK & SEND in the world!

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    How it works

    Below is a guide to the steps involved in our selection process to help you understand the journey to opening your own business.

    Stage 1:
    Initial telephone interview to give us a better understanding of your situation and if there is a fit with PACK & SEND. If it is considered worth your while to learn more about us, we will book a first meeting where we can give you a better understanding of what makes a PACK & SEND Service Centre successful and you can ask further questions. Prior to this next meeting we will request that you sign a confidentiality agreement and complete an application form online.

    Stage 2:
    First Meeting - We provide you with a thorough introduction to PACK & SEND. If, after this meeting, both you and PACK & SEND consider it worthwhile to progress to the next stage - then we will request you complete an Online Self-Assessment Form.

    This self-assessment profile allows us to learn more about you; the profile is then used as a benchmark against 17 attributes that we know drives franchisee' success. These attributes include for instance, family support, energy levels, communication, cooperation, sales and service orientation etc. This profile provides some details on your strengths, possible development needs and brings to light relevant questions we can ask out our next meeting to help both you and us assess your suitability as a franchisee.

    Stage 3:
    Second Meeting - We provide you with a thorough overview of the PACK & SEND business system and we share some of the results of the Self-Assessment profile that may support or hinder your success as a franchise owner.

    If you wish to proceed to the next stage, PACK & SEND will require a fully refundable deposit of $1,650. This will enable us to provide you with our Franchise Legal Documentation (including Disclosure Document) for you to get legal and accounting advice.

    Stage 4:
    Third Meeting -We address any questions relating to the Franchise Legal documentation and any other matters. At this meeting we also make arrangements for you to visit existing franchisees so you can learn more about expectations of franchisor support and what it takes to build a successful Service Centre.

    Stage 5:
    Final Meeting – This meeting is the final assessment. At this meeting you will meet with senior executives of PACK & SEND for application approval. Subject to this approval you would then sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Initial Franchise Fee.

    Stage 6:
    Training is scheduled. The process of Service Centre site selection and shop fit-out commences.

    Stage 7:
    Your Service Centre opens for trading.

    If you feel you have the drive to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, and you have the hunger to succeed and are customer service orientated, then we want to hear from you. Click on the Contact Franchise button and someone from PACK & SEND will be in touch with you shortly.

    For more detailed information check out our ‘Own a Franchise’ section on our website

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    PACK & SEND photo
    PACK & SEND photo

    Why us?

    Here’s just a few reasons to consider owning a PACK & SEND franchise business:
    • Earn income through multiple revenue streams (Online, on-phone, in-store & SaaS). Our customer facing technology solutions provide franchisees with the opportunity to earn recurring residual income streams.

    • Innovation is an integral part of the PACK & SEND culture and business strategy. You will be joining a brand that is constantly delivering ecommerce and logistics technology solutions keeping you at the forefront of the ecommerce evolution.

    • With a growing international footprint of more than 150 Service Centres worldwide, the PACK & SEND brand opens doors, confirms credibility, motivates the buyer and instils customer loyalty. Our brand has the highest customer review rating of all courier companies in Australia. This helps to deliver you consistent enquiries from day one from which to build your business. Demand for our services is so strong that we will guarantee a minimum number of customer leads in your first year if you open a new Service Centre in a new territory.

    • You will own a PACK & SEND Service Centre that operates 5½ days per week from retail premises and have access to technology to earn income 24/7.

    • With PACK & SEND’s proprietary technology and eCommerce solutions you can tap into the eCommerce parcel market offering various services including the high growth micro fulfilment services (store, pick, pack and send).

    • PACK & SEND has been in business for over 28 years with continual growth. We are one of Australia’s leading franchise businesses and have been internationally recognised for embracing world class franchising business practices.

    • We continue to have a growing number of franchisees who love the business so much, that they have invested into multiple PACK & SEND franchise Service Centres.

    • In March 2021, PACK & SEND joined the global family of MBE Worldwide, which includes independently owned PostNet, AlphaGraphics, and Mail Boxes Etc branded franchise service centres, spanning 2,800+ locations in 53 countries with system-wide annual sales in excess of US$1 billion. Being part of the MBE Worldwide family assures an even stronger future for the PACK & SEND brand. You can learn more about MBE Worldwide at

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    PACK & SEND photo
    PACK & SEND photo
    PACK & SEND photo

    PACK & SEND franchise opportunities

    PACK & SEND Ipswich QLD 4305
    Ipswich, QLD$250,000
    Transport, Distribution & Storage
    PACK & SEND Circular Quay NSW 2000
    Circular Quay, NSW$250,000
    Transport, Distribution & Storage
    PACK & SEND Port Macquarie NSW 2444
    Port Macquarie, NSW$250,000
    Transport, Distribution & Storage