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Jim's Termite & Pest Control

Jim's Termite & Pest Control

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Jim's Termite & Pest Control are a Franchise that started in 2010. They currently operate in 64 locations across Australia.

Jim's Termite & Pest Control
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12 Oct 2017

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Jim's Termite & Pest Control website

    Jim's Group is a very strong and powerful brand and in 2011 Jim's moved into the Pest Control Industry, we are now regarded as a leader in this field with our training and support of our franchisees businesses being highly regarded. We currently opportunities in every state of Australia

    Jim's Termite & Pest Control Franchises available in every state of Australia, from $15,000 to $30,000, training and licensing is extra and can be discussed when you esquire.

    Upon request a full Information Kit will be emailed to you. Please note: van and equipment is not included. However your van sign writing is included in the price.


    Length of Agreement

    All our franchises come with a 10 Year Agreement. You will also have the option to extend your agreement for further 10 years at the end of your contract. Within the 10 year period - you have the option to sell your business at anytime.

    Let’s be honest “when did you last have that much fun?”

    Do you want to be:

    * Stuck in a job, working for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you?
    * Doing the same thing every day?
    * Looking forward to Friday arvo – on Monday morning?

    Or would you rather be:

    * Working hard for yourself and not someone else!
    * Working where and when you want?
    * Secure in the knowledge that you have joined an established and trusted brand?
    * Watch you kids grow up and attend important things to them like sportsdays concerts.
    * Take a holiday anytime you like or even simply just take a day of work whenever you want.

    The System:

    Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Franchisees have the opportunity to run their own business & decide exactly how much they want to work, without minimums or maximums. And it doesn’t matter how big your business grows because there are no royalties charged on your work, even if you decide to employ people [lots of them].

    You join 3600+ existing Franchisees in the Jim’s Group, in arguably the best franchise system in Australia, PLUS;

    * Fixed Monthly Fees – Earn as much as you like and it doesn’t change
    * Low Lead Fees – Only pay for those you take
    * Option to renew Franchise after 10 years AT NO COST
    * Ongoing business coaching and support
    * Access to Jim’s phone plans and business insurance at great [i.e. really cheap] rates

    The Investment:

    That’s right it would be wrong to simply think of this as money that you have to spend to buy a Franchise because if you work hard you could be selling a ‘split’ in 12 months time and when you decide to retire you have a healthy business that you can sell as a going concern, complete with customers.

    Your investment includes your Franchise Territory, complete business training and support, plus your uniforms, stationary, IPad, Training and Pest Control license for those un qualified and of course professional vehicle signage.

    You can own a great business, you can earn great money, and you can have a great lifestyle, working for a great boss. YOU!

    What do you think?

    Let’s face it; at the end of the day, you have nothing to lose and most of our franchisees enjoy a fantastic work life balance that many others can only dream about.

    Call 131546 and an operator will take you details and pass them onto the Regional Franchisor in your area who will ring you and discuss the opportunities available to you today.

    Market Conditions & Competition
    Most of the advertising is done by your franchisor; these may include Online advertising and TV. Most of the time we have more work than we can handle, we also encourage you to advertise locally in your own territory and will show you the most effective way of doing it.

    Training & Support

    Exclusive 3 day Jim's Group training is provided in Melbourne National Headquarters. We will teach and show you our systems and software. You will also get to meet Jim Penman and he will explain how he started - you will get to meet our CEO and other franchisees & franchisors in the group. You will then receive extensive on the job training that will ensure that you by the time you start your new business that you are a fully qualified pest controller and competent in the jobs that you will undertake

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    How it works

    Simply inquire today either online or call or call center on 131546, give you details and your local Franchisor will give you a call to discuss what opportunities exist in your area, they will also send out an information pack which will explain in detail how the system works.

    Why us?

    Unlike other franchises systems a Jim's Termite & Pest Control franchise means you will have access to your Regional Franchisor, 7 days a week. These Franchisors are very experienced Pest Controllers and will be able to give you the back up and support that you need to help you in the day to day running of your Pest Control Business.

    All of our Franchisees also enjoy an great working relationship with the suppliers in the industry and we have agreement in place that enable our franchisees to gain access to substantial discounts and 60 day accounts, this can be a real help to get your business started in the first 12 months.

    Jim's Termite & Pest Control also have experts in the field continually working on marketing, websites and SEO to generate work for our franchisees and send tens of thousands of dollars on this monthly, but the franchisees simply pay a small fixed monthly advertising fee.

    Jim's have in the past 28 years develop great system and ideas on how franchisees can get their own work and how to develop and grow their own business to deliver the lifestyle that you deserve.

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