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      Industrial & Manufacturing business for sale in NSW

      • Industrial & Manufacturing
      • NSW
      • $1,500,000

      Highly Profitable Team Wear and Sports Apparel Manufacturing Brand - Sydney, Australia

      Business Headline : Highly Profitable Team Wear and Sports Apparel Manufacturing Brand - Sydney, Australia
      Price : $1,500,000
      Category : Industrial/Manufacturing, Import/Export/Whole, Retail, Clothing/Footwear, Wholesale, Clothing/Accessories
      Acquire an established Australian owned & operated performance sports & team wear brand manufactured in Sydney. With wholesale, retail sales channels, and Official Licensed Sponsorship contracts for large sporting teams and associations on Televised Sporting Matches around the World
      <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">Key Sale Avenues </span>
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    • Australian made team/sportswear for local schools, sports clubs and organisations (Wholesale)

    • Manufacturer of Official Licensed Sportwear to major sports clubs & associations through supply contracts and associated reorders as per contract terms (Wholesale)

    • Manufacturing and Retail sale & distribution rights of Official Licensed Apparel/Memorabilia of Sports Clubs & Associations sponsored by the brand (Retail)

    • <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">Company Features</span>
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    • Over 90% of production is run entirely through the vertical garment manufactuing process in the Head Office & Factory in Sydney

    • Specialising in custom Made to Order Sportswear & Team wear for Sporting Codes; NRL, Rugby Union, Hockey, AFL, Cricket, Soccer & Netball 

    • Produced more than 86,000 units by FY end 2017 & turnover above $2.7 Million

    • Strong Gross Profit Percentage of 60% whilst still manufacturing onshore

    • One of the very few brands/manufactures in the Official Licensed Sports Apparel space that manufacture to this capacity in Australia

    • Currently 17 staff including General Manager

    • Company holds the ideal infrastructure, processes, market knowledge and structure to further grow market share in this elite level space & capitalise on emerging opportunities in the forever changing Ragtrade sector 

    • <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">Key Commercial Competitive Advantages </span>
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      05 Dec 2017


      Industrial & Manufacturing, Clothing & Accessories, Import, Export & Wholesale, Retail

      Map for NSW

      Level 13, 135 King Street Sydney NSW 2000