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The Auction Centre

Book your property into a Commercial Real Estate Auction Day for $600 + GST property.

All licensed real estate agents wishing to auction their commercial property in Sydney's newest auction centre can do so by simply completing the below booking request form.

Property details will appear in the Order of Sale as they are entered on this booking form.

Booking fee

The fee to auction your property at The Auction Centre is $600 + GST per property. This includes:

Presentation material

Auction presentation slides will be prepared at no extra cost (included in your booking fee).
The listing agent must send photos and a brief description for each property being auctioned to at least 14 business days prior to auction date. Please indicate the auction date, property address to be auctioned and booking reference number in your email.

For all enquires please contact: or 02 8596 4746.

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We collect personal data such as your contact and demographic information to share with our partners (such as this specific real estate auctioneer for the purposes of responding to your enquiry) & providing personalised content from For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Properties to be Auctioned

Maximum of 10 properties per booking request.

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Terms and conditions

The Auction Centre fees will be invoiced by Fairfax Media to the listing agent office at completion of the auction. Payment is due within 30 days.

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