How do the search suggestions work?

As you type, suggestions will be provided for property types, keywords, suburbs and regions.

Why should I include the address on my property?

If your address is not on your property it will not appear in the map search function of, It will still appear in the standard search results.

How can I ensure that my listings get as much traffic and enquiry as possible?

• Ensure that you enter an address wherever possible and display it for your listing so it features on the map.


• Make sure you enter as much information on your listing page as possible, inclusing features, building types, etc. Users are searching for keywords contained on a listing so by being as descriptive as you can, you will show up in more searches.

How can I change the colour of my banner on my Platinum or Elite Placement

For security reasons, logos & banners can only be loaded internally by a member of our Support staff. Please contact your Commercial Manager or our support team on 1800 999 982 /

How are listings ranked on

Listings are ranked in 4 tiers:

1. Platinum
2. Elite Placement
3. Priority Placement
4. Standard Listings

Within those tiers listings are ranked from newest to oldest.